Krong Kep ("saddle of horse" in Khmer) was established in 1908 during the French protectorate. The city eperienced a boom in the 1960's, and was renamed Kep-sur-mer. It was formerly the holiday resort for Cambodian and French high society. Many villas are today in ruins and they can attest to that golden age. During the genocide committed by the Khmer Rouges, Kep was totally reduced to ashes, as it was one of the last bastions of the torturers, before the arrival of the Vietnamese in 1979. Nowadays Kep has woken from the tortures of the past. Only 170 km from Phnom Penh, Kep became the favorite destination to escape the pollution and return to the quiet of nature.
The national park offers beautiful points of view to the Vietnamese coast on the one side and to the islands on the other. You can wander through the 8km trail on foot, by bike, scooter or tuk tuk. One of the entrances of the national park is located close to the Rega Guest House. You will enjoy the freshness provided by its luxuriant flora and will admire the variety of wildlife. To finish the day nicely, you can watch the magnificent sunset over the sea and surrounding islands from Sunset Rock.
Nestled in a small square by the sea, you can watch the incessant activites of the crab sellers. Cooked or stuffed, natural or in sauce, it can be served directly in the stalls of mamas Khmer or in the surrounding restaurants. Rather small, the crabs reveal a fleshy inside, however it is necessary to use your fingers to reach the last pieces of delicious flesh! Rega Guest House can advise you on the restaurants not to be missed.
This little island paradise, just 30 minutes by boat from Kep, will make everyone happy! Peace and quiet are the key words here. Lying Comfortably in a hammock, you can sip a cocktail or a freshly fallen coconut on the sandy beach. For the most adventurous, it is possible to walk around the island and spend a night in one of the bungalows, like Robinson CrusoƩ! The pier leading to the island is located 300m from the Rega Guest House .

Arrive and depart the same day - $8.
Overnight stay - $11.
This small school, consisting only of volunteers, provides courses in French and English to the most motivated pupils. Furthermore, a center of activities was opened to bring sports and artistic activities to the most disadvantaged children of Kep. You can come and visit the school or spend longer with the children, who have much to give. It will be possible to pass knowledge or any skills you may have, if you feel like it. The experience will be an exeptional and enriching one. This school works only with donations so do not hesitate to bring clothes or medicines, which will be greatfully received. The Rega Guest House will indicate you the opening hours as well as the people to contact.